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Every year in spring I’m getting all excited and start making plans about where to go surfing in the summer. It usually then when I realize that the winter months didn’t exactly benefit my fitness. Sometimes I feel like I want to lose a couple of pounds here and there and then I remember my abs also having looked better and more firm not too long ago.

pilates-yoga-hackneyIn other words, spring is always a time where I want to do something for my fitness to get ready for the upcoming surfing season.

To be honest, I got a little tired of the usual routine that is visiting your average fitness gym, sweating and exercising. This is why I started to look for more exciting fitness classes where there is a trainer that can teach you about the best routines.

I am also not exactly the type who enjoys high-energy training. I find that low to medium moderate exercises such as Pilates or Yoga or overall a lot better for getting in shape and losing the one or the other pound. Plus, and that’s one reason I enjoy Pilates classes so much is that there are a lot more fun than simply going to the gym.

It wasn’t very easy to find a good gym here in Hackney where they also offer Yoga and Pilates courses. It took me a couple of months to find a suitable gym in my area. I’m now with London Fields Fitness here in Hackney and am very happy that I found them. Their staff is very friendly and most importantly they are knowledgeable and helpful. So if you are like me and want to do¬† something for your fitness this spring, let’s meet up at Pilates in Hackney here in East London! For me this is the best and most fun way to get ready for surfing season!