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According to a recently published survey, modern technology such as smart phones and mobile devices is stopping us from enjoying our lives.

The surprising result of the study is that 75% of Brits think that technology has a detrimental effect on their life. The vast majority of those folks asked is indeed wishing for those old times back where electronic devices did not dominate our day-to-day lives.

The study was conducted by a British holiday company Camping in the Forest. 38% of Britons think that we have lost the ability enjoy the simple pleasures in life. A staggering 84% of the surveyed are longing for the good old days.

Many think that modern gadgets including mobile smart phones and tablet computers make people more entire social. Rather than conversing with others in places such as pubs and restaurants, people today are glued to their phones instead. People are likewise spending less time with family and loved ones today as they find themselves busy updating their social status on the Internet instead.