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campervan-surfingIf you love surfing like I do but don’t necessarily have infinite cash to spend on costly hotels and other travel¬† expenses, you will probably want to know how I go about this.

To be honest, I rather travel far off all those tourists traps like most people go to when they go on a holiday.

I am certainly not the guy who is going to book into a hotel near a beach!

As a surfer, there’s another issue you need to consider: you want to haul your boards and maybe equipment like cameras and this means you will need a sizeable car or van. If you were to rent a van at your destination each and every time, it would quickly add up too!

You can believe me when I tell you that camping is the best way to go to all those amazing places.  And when I am talking about camping I am talking about how cool it is if you get your very own campervan!

Modern camper vans have plenty of space for several boards and whatever else you want take with you. And of course they have an area where you can sleep, cook or simply just to relax. So basically, it’s like your own private holiday apartment on wheels. Not only is this the best way to get around in my pinion, it’s also saving me a lot of money! (Minus the expenses for gas, of course).

In my experience, a lot of people never went camping. Maybe they think it’s awful or they don’t know how great a modern camper van can be. To those I always say that they should rent a campervan first because of the best way to to know whether you will like it or not! Almost any town in UK has a place where you can rent a van. If you look around, I am sure you will find a trusted van rental place your area!