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Surprise entertainment is a type of entertainment that in one form or the other, I am sure you have guessed by now, involves an element of surprise. One of the most popular examples for surprise entertainment would be flash mob performances or the singing waiters act.

Flash mobs are often used by organisations and businesses to draw attention to their causes or products, sometimes you may be fortunate enough to witness a flash mob in a popular public place, like in a shopping centre or in the inner-city. The singing waiters are often booked by private individuals for events such as weddings or birthdays although surprise entertainment has recently become also popular for corporate entertainment

The most popular surprise entertainment act in the United Kingdom are the The Singing Waiters, the singing waiters ensemble of the Secret Singers. What made the singing waiters so popular is the quality of their performances. Each member of the group has professional training as a singer or dancer they all come from the best music and arts schools and academies in the UK. Obviously, this type of experience shows!

When it comes to surprise entertainment in the United Kingdom, getting your money’s worth is not always as easy as it seems. The reason is simply but there is no such thing as an official “surprise entertainer” profession in the UK which means that simply anyone can offer their services in this highly competitive market. And many of those other surprise entertainers don’t have any experience.

If you happen to plan a family event such as as a birthday or wedding celebration any time soon and happen to be looking for something truly special that will make an impression on your guests, The Singing Waiters can be an excellent choice! Just know that you should book them plenty in advance because the demand for the group can be high especially in the summer months.